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ravens are set to host this next weekend. give the starters r and r, highlights from the ravens bengals. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. meagan is off today. she is getting right side for the new year's and tomorrow, the new years as well. someone else who has his ticket punched ready for the party tonight is mike masco. what are you doing tonight? >> what am i not doing tonight? nothing. i'm going to be in bed by 8:00. watch the rocking new year and rock myself back to sleep and back here tomorrow morning. living the life. maryland's most powerful doppler, clear overhead. eldersburg 26. baltimore 33. the deal is, it's a cold morning across locations. the clouds this afternoon will be in place. it's mostly cloudy skies, temperatures struggling to get
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to 40. going in to 2013, cloudy, we are dry. could be a spot shower that develops by tuesday afternoon, new years day. we will talk about that coming up. it doesn't look like a big deal. it's a cold start. new years eve, the clouds are around, man, does it get cold. the arctic attack moves in later in the week. we will talk about that forecast in a little bit. let's talk traffic with loren cook. >> everything is nice and calm here in howard county. no delays on interstate 70, columbia pike over to 695. if you are heading out to 695, here is a live look now, at the west sides, liberty, no problems to report. an 11 minute ride on the outer loop, 795, down to 95. downed wires on liberty, windsor mill. watchout for that. looking at the time saver traffic drive times, no delays on the east side. an 11 minute ride on the outer
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loop from 95, all the way up to 83. 95, great shape, through white marsh, a quick four minutes to travel from route 43 down to the beltway. less than 24 hours away from going over the fiscal cliff. lawmakers are no closer to a deal wrangling over the last minute legislation to avert the cliff and president barack obama called for immediate action that there was no vote in the senate. majority leader, harry reid says lawmakers negotiated through the night and expected to come together around 11:00. if congress doesn't agree, spending cuts will go in to effect and we will pay more taxes. the impact is more than $3400 in a year. she was supposed to return to work this week, instead, secretary of state, hilary clinton is in the hospital. treated for a blood clot that resulted after a fall earlier this month.
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>> reporter: hilary clinton was admitted to new york presbyterian hospital with a blood clot from a concussion she suffered several weeks ago. he doctors discovered the clot earlier in the day during a follow up exam. no details of where the clot is or other concerns have been releasede first time clinton has been diagnosed with a blood clot. in 98 she was admitted for a clot behind her right knee. the 65-year-old had a stomach virus this month and became dehydrated, fainted and struck her head. she canceled the trip abroad and was not well enough to appear on capitol hill to testify on the attack in libya. doctors want to monitor her medication over the next 48 hours. good news for former president george hw bush, his
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health condition has improved, meaning he is out of intensive care. president bush was moved to a regular patient room during the weekend, he spent days in the icu after developing a fever and complications, he was admitted to the hospital last month. doctors were treating him for bronchitis and a cough. closer to home, police are searching for a suspect after a man was shot and killed at a bar in glen burnie. people who live and work in the area say they are fed up with what is happening at the bar and it's history of violence. sherrie johnson is here with more on the reaction of the murder and the bar's reputation. these people are unhappy. >> neighbors in the area are very concerned about the latest shooting. there are three shootings at detricks in three years. police are still looking for the suspect in the latest shooting. it happened sunday at the tavern before 5:30. police say 31 year old jones was shot outside the bar and died at a local hospital.
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the suspect drove off, police say an ak 47 was used in one of the shootings. we know little about the suspect here. neighboring businesses say they are sick of constant drug activity. >> this is the third one, i knew all three of them. >> there is a number of witnesses that have been taken to the investigation for interviews. >> the owner went before the liquor board last year, now, he is operating with restrictions. it is possible the liquor board will look at the most recent incident and determine if changes should be made to the license. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. unattended candle burning is to blame for a house fire in aberdeen. this is from the fire blog. shows flames shooting out of hs% a 4 year old saw the fire and told his grandmother. a man insides the house tried putting the fire out with a blanket and a fire extinguisher, the smoke and
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flames became intense, luckily, no one was hurt. the fire caused $100,000 worth of damage. playoff time , the ravens will take on the colts next sunday during the first week of the post season. with the afc northern division title wrapped up, and a home playoff game in the bag , the ravens treated yesterday like a preseason game. they arrested the starters in preparation for next week. that move resulted in a 23-17 loss , the ravens in the regular send with a 10- 6 record. they will play sunday. time for a check of the forecast. >> i'm reading about how there is going to be firings today. it's black monday, buddy. andy reed, out. >> rest in peace. at least for the eagles that is. ijamsville, clouds, right now 29bwi. 69% humidity. westerly wind at 5, making that
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29 feel like it's 23. eldersburg, temperature 26. manchester 23. this sour satellite picture. there is not much happening. you look at this, another one is coming this a storm that stays towards the south. that's going to bring in clouds, maybe a spot shower by new years day. not a big deal. here is your forecast through the course of the mid-morning hour. lunchtime, a blend of sunshine and clouds, it's cloudy at 35. by the 2:00 hour, we finally get to 41. 43 for the afternoon high. the clouds will take us in to new years eve. temperatures in to the 30s. we will show you the break down of the forecast and expand and look at the seven-day forecast. i know you love cold. lovely, mike. a very cold new year's eve.
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you don't have delays to deal with whatsoever. nice and collie on 695, parkville, all the way up to towson, if you are using the jfx, normal 11 minute ride, southbound, from the beltway, all the way to fayette street. 95s downtown, at 395, traffic moving along, no problems through the fort mc henry or the harbor tunnel. you maybe wondering what you can do with the little ones. you can't leaf them at home to run the place. we will tell you where you can take them during the day, so they they can enjoy the great new years festivities. bananas and wheat toast, what are the best foods to eat to avoid a hangover? oh!
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kids may have trouble staying up until midnight. today, the maryland science center is hosting the 5th annual midnight noon celebration for kids and families to celebrate together without having to stay up so late. music, arts and crafts and a ball drop, milk shake will be there playing the grammy nominated kids rock and roll. celebration from 10:00 to 2:00 this afternoon. if you can't make it to times square, ring in the new year in baltimore city. the prep work is done at curtis bay. get a clear view of the fireworks from the inner harbor. the team is sponsoring the display and we want to say
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congratulations to buck showalter. [no audio] [technical difficulties] across town this morning. it's chilly. reisterstown 27. aberdeen 28. [technical difficulties]

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